Friday, August 27, 2021 —(On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

These days, driving either horse is out of the question for each has lost a rear shoe. A horse needs four solidly-working shoes to be driven, because road traction will rasp away bare hooves. Now, both horses are in dry lot until our farrier arrives from California.

His home base is Mammoth where he works on athletic animals, riding and pack mules and donkeys, and jumping and dressage horses. He’s a very skilled craftsman. Although it’s hard for me to not actively work my horses, our farrier is worth waiting for. He has good judgment for hoof needs, his work improves movement.

Horses, like humans, don’t have perfect feet. My pony, Sunni, in front is slightly pigeon-toed. Her sister, Rosie, works back feet as if she’s moving along a tightrope. The farrier grasps how an animal moves and builds shoes that support athleticism by helping to correct weight distribution.

He’s an old fashioned kind of worker. Brings a truck crammed with heavy equipment like saws and welders, gets a fire going, sets up a forge, and hammers away. It’s rare that my horses shoes fail before our farrier returns in six weeks. Sure, by then, their shoes usually are worn thin but they’re still on hooves.

So now, each lacks all four shoes and receives reduced feed. A horse standing around needs less feed, not just to avoid weight gain, but because athletic-level intake makes them “too hot”. In other words, excess energy above that being worked off, makes my horses termite-like. They actively chew on and destroy wood, meaning goodbye to stall insides and the fencing outside.

Next week, the farrier will arrive. That’ll let us start again to drive.

Dear Friends: It’s among “never-dreamed-ofs”, though my years in city and corporation worlds. Diana

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