Sky & Earth Sights

First Light

Sunday, August 29, 2021 —(On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

This morning’s sunrise wasn’t the only beautiful sky sight. In the final moments of yesterday’s daylight, I scrambled for a camera to catch the sun just setting behind the Middle and North Sisters Mountains.


The camera had been laying nearby, because earlier the sky had delivered an exciting sight happening my way. Here’s a Red-Tailed Hawk staring at something that soon would become its capture.

Birds have incredible eyesight. This one, parked high and several hundred yards distant, saw me and my pointed camera. Several minutes afterwards, it lifted, and then while lowering flew in the direction it had been watching.

Back at’cha, human

Below-sky, too, is great. Here’s my barn’s wild resident.

And the horses, each of which having lost a shoe must await the farrier, and completely is bored.


Dear Friends: A handy camera memorializes in-the-moment visions, and feelings. Diana

One thought on “Sky & Earth Sights

  1. I enjoyed your photos, as usual. I leave for Montana on 9/7. My camper refrigerator has been on the Fritz since May and, long story short, All Seasons has not been able to find a new one. They finally found and have in hand, a part which may fix it. They do not show a great deal of commitment to meeting my departure deadline so I am faced with large cooler, messy ice, etc. I have decided, reluctantly, to leave our beloved Petey at home for his safety and comfort. I am certainly not a marathon driver but I don’t know how he would handle fairly steady driving. He loves Dave and his pack and will be well cared for here. I may have a meltdown though and come home with another rescue if I can find one😀 Your mares and you will be happy to see your farrier so you can get back into action. 👍 I trust all is well with you. 🤗

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