Sun-Red Sky

Setting sun

Monday, August 30, 2021 —(On September 20, the full moon, “Harvest”, will rise nearest to earth.)

Finally, I got it, that capturing a sunset from my property means being with a camera and in place fifteen minutes before the official sunset time. That’s because my line of sight includes the Cascade Mountain Range, behind which the sun disappears earlier than it lowers to the horizon.

I knew this, but only yesterday focused on it. A reality that suddenly became conscious.

The sky was alight, and the sun was beginning to drop and would lower among cloud layers. The atmosphere was smoky, affecting the sunlight and its reflections. I wanted to capture both the setting and sky colors. My watch indicated there was plenty of time, but the darkening mountains called for hurrying.

Suddenly, I got it, about earlier timing of the event. I went for a camera.

As to the sun, my camera can’t pick up enough of its color. Actually, it closely matches surrounding reds.

My camera finds it more pinkish than red. Here dropping through one cloud, it’s about to enter another.

Passing through that cloud and into a final one, just above the Cascades.

Last sight, the sun is settling behind the Middle and South Sisters.

This summer, we’ve witnessed many similar events. Each sunset has been amazing.

The heavy atmospheric smoke interrupts natural lighting. That makes it possible to look directly at the sun without being blinded. Happily, a camera lens safely can be pointed at the sun.

I say, “Grab gold when you can!” These unusual, double wammy sunsets have yielded opportunities to make unique captures. Equally fun, have provided opportunities to play with photography.

Dear Friends: It’ll help, in capturing a series similar and relatively-slow, to use a tripod. Diana

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