Writer’s Dilemma

Thursday, September 23, 2011— October’s fullest moon (“Hunter’s”) will rise on the 20th.

I’ve drafted some novel-length stories. None has seemed particularly impressive but all had grains of possibility. I’ve edited trying to improve each and always been unsuccessful. I become tangled among sections by changing enough action to alter an original story. I’ve failed as an editor of my longer creative efforts.

On short pieces, I’m successful. They’re quick to create. Although self-editing is labor-intensive, short articles allow my brain to keep squarely on stated themes and desired endings.

But longer writings have one or more key themes with multiple branching activities, requiring an editor to focus squarely on the critical trio of subject-action-resolution. While editing and wishing to improve the writing, I fiddle and lose focus by becoming tangled among conflicting possibilities and ideas. One must quit altering to wrap-up a story.

These days, I want to re-explore the old stories. Many passing years have distanced me from early ideas and themes. Maybe re-reading an old draft will renew its possibilities. Maybe finally, I can better edit multiple chapters and gain their relevant closure.

Dear Friends: The materials exist, and so, one should quit thinking, start doing. Diana

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