Sky Tickle

Harvest Moon, in waning gibbous phase, 9-23-21

Friday, September 24, 2011— October’s fullest moon (“Hunter’s”) will rise on the 20th.

September’s full moon although now appearing slightly less round still is a knockout.

Last night while walking uphill after feeding horses, I couldn’t locate the moon. Impossible! An almost full Harvest Moon can’t be invisible in a reasonably clear evening. I searched overhead without seeing it in any of the usual sky places and felt a loss.

But wait! In another moment while rounding a corner of my house, I glimpsed from way high a giant glow, its light streaming through thickly branched junipers. My moon! I moved to find the best view. The sight appealed equally to days ago when Harvest rose at its fullest. This was beautiful, made me rush for a camera.

Through many years, and beyond all other full moons, Septembers’ Harvest Moons have captured my heart.

Dear Friends: As Earth world seems smaller, a spacey sky world tickles more. Diana

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