Changes & Emotions

Tuesday, September 28, 2011— October’s fullest moon (“Hunter’s”) will rise on the 20th.

Yesterday’s rain gave this area a much-needed soaking, and today, our chilly high will reach the 50s. Temps during what’s left of this week will be in the 70s for book-perfect weather.

Clearly, we’re into change which fosters mixed feelings. Although becoming used to worrying about weather, how it’s changing and could impact the future, our moment right now brings mixed feelings. We’re enjoying ahead a string of comfortable temps while also anxious about soon-coming very cold weather.

Anyway, I as usual am battling anxiety. It’s an annual “same old”, but it always feels new. For example, a partial list of my, “where is, or are” and “did I do, or not?”

Where are the batteries for heating my coldest-weather jacket? Will the dogs while outside in freezing winds have adequate shelter? How best to alter feeding amounts for horses being far-less exercised? Is now too late to leap-in and try to accomplish all left-overs on my winter-proofing list?

Oh, yeah, how about that danged rooster! Yesterday, he was sporting even fewer feathers and had more exposed bare skin. These are cold nights!

Dear Friends: Another season, a different list, some newer worries, change does this. Diana

2 thoughts on “Changes & Emotions

  1. In temperate & beautiful fall weather we’re accustomed to worrying about possible winter storms ahead. Now with global warming, on refreshing, temperate spring days we worry about periods of extreme summer heat. Climate change seems to bring us more weather extremes and more reasons to worry. What to do?

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  2. Yes, changing climate is awful by itself. With Covid (seemingly unending) in the mix, these times of short supplies, social distancing, less available housing, more than ever stress us out. What to do, how to hide. The fabulous 70s and 80s, way behind us now, likely could never be repeated.


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