A Ringed-Neck Dove

Wednesday, September 29, 2011— October’s fullest moon (“Hunter’s”) will rise on the 20th.

Another rescue, this time a young ring-necked pigeon (“pigeon” is French for dove).

While passing my chicken coop, I saw the chickens pecking at a cornered white object. I looked closely and saw a pigeon. It had flown into a part of my chicken coop entirely fenced except for a small chicken-size opening.

Occasionally, a bird gets through the small door and into that fenced area, immediately becomes anxious, tries to get out. On seeing a trapped bird, I open a people-sized door and encourage the confused captive toward the large opening.

Recently, I saw a Jay bird fly into that all-fenced area and become confused. With its family flying outside, screaming in “Jay-talk”, that bird found the escape. No surprise, for Jays are very smart. Pigeons less so. The one being pecked at had become stunned, was helpless, and couldn’t lift off to fly. Curious chickens pecking at its wounded back were becoming more aggressive.

I rushed inside the coop. My chickens anticipated treats and turned, hurrying to greet me. Inside the more-inner enclosure, I lifted the stunned bird. Besides wishing to help the bird, I happen to like pigeons, gentle non-aggressive birds. My household includes a very sweet pigeon, Gilbert, a rescued racing bird.

Holding the injured pigeon, I left the coop and went to the barn for a “critter carrier”. Took the now-loaded carrier to the garage. After transferring the bird into my parrot’s travel cage, I activated an overhead heat-lamp.

By the time I could locate a bottle of purple spray-on wound disinfectant, the pigeon had awakened and was resistant. Probably it could fly, but best shouldn’t also display the red wound. I sprayed the purple and left the bird to rest an hour under heat. Later it appeared okay.

It fought removal from the cage, but against the gentle pigeon I won. Once we were outside and far from the chicken coop, I lifted my hands. That bird flew mightily away.

Dear Friends: Being at home facilitates rescuing, often very satisfying experiences. Diana

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