A Change

Fall leaves

Wednesday, October 06, 2011— October’s fullest moon (“Hunter’s”) will rise on the 20th.

It’s official, I’m newly employed, part-time in Wilco, this city’s only remaining farm-oriented, walk-in source for feed & supplies. Thankfully, this growing store will be around awhile, and I’ll happily be part of its activities.

Today is my first working day. It’ll center mostly on becoming oriented to the store. My regular work will be as cashier, probably on weekends. If you’re in the store, I can help you check out! Whether you’re shopping or just looking around, be sure to say hello.

I’m rearranging my early morning activities. I’ll continue blogging, but they may be brief until I have a clear and workable routine.

Dear Friends: Periodically, among like-minded others who enjoy plants and animals . Diana

2 thoughts on “A Change

  1. Cool ! I’ll look for you when I’m in the store buying Squirrel Food. (I’ve decided to be realistic about this, & I no longer think of sunflower seeds as Bird Food so much, at least not in my yard. Besides, I love the squirrels.)

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