First Day

Enjoying Russian thistle!

Thursday, October 07, 2021 October’s fullest moon “Hunters” rises fullest to Earth on the 20th.

For me, yesterday was back to work. The last time years ago, when I became oriented to a new job, it was a manager sitting an hour with me. She recited a bunch of do’s and don’t’s about working, explained what to wear, explained what not to wear. Immediately afterwards, I moved onto the sales floor and interacted with customers.

Yesterday in contrast, for hours I reviewed and signed forms. I read completely through, and signed off on having done so, a big employee manual. The company’s workers must dress appropriately, conduct themselves well, and interact with customers compentently. There also was online training to recognize and handle hazardous materials.

Next Sunday, I’ll start learning to operate an electronic register. That’ll partly happen in Redmond and later in the week conclude here in town.

I’m impressed by the organization and wish to perform well.

Today, I’ll attend a team meeting, a weekly event lasting a couple of hours. The store’s manager leads, and among other things introduces new products. Yesterday, that new world came more real as an environment where stock levels are critical. Equally so are concerns about slow or no deliveries and about dysfunctional supply chains.

Dear Friends: Old-world animals, like Pimmy, slow our metabolism and ground us. Diana

One thought on “First Day

  1. Sounds challenging but I’m guessing you will enjoy working at Wilco and will become a customer favorite. 🥳

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