Taquito dinner

Monday, October 11, 2021 (Note: This month’s fullest moon [“Hunter”] rises on the 20th.)

Yesterday’s weather too-suddenly turned downright cold. I went to work early in a warm afternoon and in late afternoon emerged to freezing winds and dropped temperatures. Hurried home, changed from jeans to snow pants, added cold-weather gear and went out to feed horses. They dashed happily into the barn.

Although our water hasn’t frozen, the weather was right for setting new water heaters into the horse troughs. After plugging them in, I checked the GFCI (ground fault circuit controller). If it’s still working correctly, that’ll become a certainty this morning when I’m visually reassured of heaters producing warming bubbles.

Training for my new job has had me watching videos, about teamwork, customer service, and what to do in potential instances, like a store robbery, suspected off-the-shelves thievery, and various other work-related conditions. It’s interesting to find, so many years after my initial rounds with similar introductory trainings, that basic human interactions haven’t changed. What has is the manner in which they’re addressed, which is updated. For example, I’m hearing delicate situations spoken to with greater sensitivity.

This week, I’ll turn to Zoom for introductions to modern register systems. Online videos show register displays as very complex. In reality, they couldn’t be too daunting, for many sorts learn and operate registers. I’m looking forward to learning modern technologicies, how they improve communicating, sorting, and computing.

On the topic of cute pets, friends tell me it’s easy to create personal calendars with user friendly software available online. Some of my photos have captured terrific animal images, and a calendar would be a fine way to share them. It’s not too late to pull pictures together and play to create a 2022 calendar. It’ll be on my plate this week.

Dear Friends: This new job has me breathing in a known and likeable world. Diana

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