A World Alight

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 (October’s fullest moon [“Hunter”] rises on the 20th.)

These are glorious days despite that they’re chilly and windy. Yesterday, there dropped on my side of town light snow and tiny hail. I say, “my side”, because other sorts of weather occur simultaneously on this small city’s other side. Over on the west, rain could be coming down like cats and dogs, while on the east all’s bone-dry. If in a mood to ditch unwanted weather, I simply slip across town.

In real time, I’m hurrying to winterize the barn area while the weather swings aggressively toward freezing. At least now my animals are drinking water from heated containers. Tomorrow, I’ll refresh the goat shelter, will remove old straw and replace with new. The fence surrounding the horse area has me fixing spots here and there and discovering unexpected weaknesses. There are constant needs for attention that push me to stay involved. I carry tools.

But, these are fall months heady with strength. How will I focus on work, long enough to complete enough, while limitless beauty surrounds? How will I avoid staring at leaves, now fabulous with color, on trees and already fallen? How about ordinarily-ugly lava rocks, damp now and revealing unusually vivid shapes and colors?

Finally, in the southern sky, last night’s waxing Hunter’s Moon was a quarter-full. Already special-looking, it set me dreaming of days ahead when it’ll completely be waxed. Venturing out to greet that moon rising means being bundled-up against a cold evening, while hopefully, blanketed by trillions of stars under a clear sky.

As usual, I digress.

Dear Friends: Suddenly, an inner voice says, “Whoa! Get ready for going to work!” Diana

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