Expanding Horizon

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 (October’s fullest moon [“Hunter”] rises on the 20th.)

Yesterday, the first full day working at my new job. That afternoon another first, operating a cash register, in real time, and working through challenges.

Some challenges were learning which register keys do what, how to check-out products by looking up names and sometimes confirming quantities available. Of course, handling cash accurately is critical. The day was Tuesday, “senior discount day”, with lots of buyers offering cash.

Cash transactions are no-brainers with registers that compute how much change to provide. It’s a boon because brains sometimes “don’t do” numbers accurately. The most essential brainwork is memorizing. Before operating another register, I’ll be skipping a day and trying remember correctly enough details to re-hop into the process.

Aside from technology and memory challenges, the day was fun. On Tuesdays, the store is crowded with buyers seeking price discounts. Register operators must keep check-out lines short, to under three buyers. I waved waiters forward with confidence but stumbled sometimes, and customers were kind and encouraging.

The day went quickly, my co-workers were terrific, confident and smart. They were quick, and kind when correcting and answering questions. Getting to know them was pleasant, and same for the customers–fellow animal lovers and patient as a newbie checked them out. Some were leading dogs, freshly-groomed or their good buddies accompanying all possible.

For this post-retiree, going back-to-work seems like a moving-ahead. Ain’t it something, that getting through early challenges might introduce new opportunities!

Dear Friends: Scrambling today, to finish winterizing against periods of freezing. Diana

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