Thursday, October 14, 2021 (October’s fullest moon [“Hunter”] rises on the 20th.)

Soon, I’ll be off and running to Redmond, for Day Two (final one) of my job training. That and working this afternoon at a cash register will get me closer to being a certified register operator. Might not seem like much, but actually it’s stepping on a path toward a modern form of job security. Many of today’s part-time entry jobs call for cash register operators. If ever again I’m job searching, I’ll give a wave, “Here I am!”

I like where I’m working for many reasons. It’s near home, for dashing during lunch to toss hay for the horses. There’s generous employee price-discounting for necessities in attending to animals and property.

Yesterday I winterized. Pulled and drained hoses, stored warm weather equipment, connected trickle chargers to batteries, and cleaned areas that might become snow covered. Not that we’ll get much snow.

My online weather calendar shows that historically at this time of year Central Oregon has been very wet, rained-on nearly 50% of the time. Although now we’ve no rain, there are rains scattering to the west and north. On radar they seem on their way here, but so far only damp mornings.

I’m about to head into today’s damp darkness and feed the horses. First, the dogs will raise a ruckus because I’m taking only my hound, Ranger. He’s the most likely to be quiet this early, but would sound off if something seems unusual in the darkness.

Dear Friends: Thanks so much for your encouragement, and have a wonderful day! Diana

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