Head Gaming

Monday, October 18, 2021 (October’s fullest moon [“Hunter”] rises on the 20th.)

This morning froze for me on learning that Colin Powell has died. It feels like having lost a family member. He died from Covid. Media report that he fully had been vaccinated–that strong-looking, straightforward, fine person.

I follow politics loosely and dislike intensely today’s Supreme Court. But some players in both realms seem as familiar as folks in my neighborhood. This morning, I’m imagining how it might seem to learn that a Clinton or an Obama died. Wouldn’t feel so good, and not solely because histories make people special, but because today’s media bring them closer. In a sense knowing of them seems very personal.

There’s also the confusing factor of age. Powell’s age, 84, today “seems younger” than it used to be. In addition, as an ex-military he always appeared a picture of health and vigor.

These days, human ages in years seem changed. The elderly seem younger and the younger seem older. The elderly now living longer are finding time to explore their inner selves. They formerly didn’t do much self-exploring, were very busy earning livings in narrow and demanding environments. The new youngsters, many highly educated, and all aware, through schooling and media, are sophisticated about social conditions and politics.

I will think more about this later today while catching up on ranch work. I brought home several fence panels to reinforce the horses’ loafing shed. But they’re wrong, must be returned, and replaced with correct panels. Then the reinforcing will begin, along with the thinking.

Dear Friends: If humans can create a “metaverse”, we someday could manipulate our realities. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/18/tech/facebook-metaverse-10000-european-jobs/index.html Diana

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