Hunter’s Moon

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 (October’s full moon [“Hunter”] will rise tomorrow.)

In the last few evenings, I’ve been awed by the nearly-full and beautiful Hunter’s moon. In the eastern sky that rising globe, fuzzy at the edge seems a little soft, and oh well, I’ll add, it seems emotionally huggable.

I’m curious about moon names, and find that the name, “Hunter’s moon”, originated about four hundred years ago. In October, this moon rises during periods of leaf-falling, when wild animals are fattened for winter, and with daily periods of sunlight becoming shorter.

The previous month’s Harvest Moon oversaw the harvesting of fields. Now, the Hunter’s moon lights nights, eases the spotting of wild animals–those coming out to graze, and those following to prey on the grazers.

Tomorrow evening, my friend Susie and I will go out hunting. Our sights will be set on spotting a dark and very clear horizon. That’ll become the line to watch while we wait for the new full moon’s rise. Each time we’ve gone to sight rising new globes, piercing light into total darkness, it’s as if we’re witnessing the known-world’s re-birth. On seeing full moons breaking total darkness, we’re exhilarated, and each sighting is an unique adventure.

Dear Friends: It’s turning colder, so we’ll be bundle-clothed, maybe will tote a propane heater. Diana

One thought on “Hunter’s Moon

  1. I will look forward to your photos. I especially enjoy your happy cute exhilarated faces. 🤗

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