Time Traveling

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (October’s full moon [“Hunter”] will rise this evening.)

Surprise! Five of my six young hens now are laying. Newest egg is speckled, and might be from the Rhode Island Red or the Cuckoo Maran, neither of which I’ve seen in the community’s nesting spot. Observing the nest has led me to estimating which four are laying. A couple lay consistently, another couple lay off and on.

They’re lovely pets, chickens. Each with an unique personality, generous and fun.

It feels delightful daily, gathering eggs. In our modern world, some human activities still offer a sense of being back-in-time. Some are being out and riding or driving horses, or navigating a canoe or kayak on a river, or foot hiking and maybe searching for mushrooms in the natural wilds. Or being in one’s own yard, gathering eggs and enjoying live chickens.

This summer I rescued a baby Robin. It had fledged early and still needed care. It lived with me three weeks before achieving a sense of its own being, becoming strong physically, and flying to another life.

As to “back-in-time”, my little companion brought the strong true sense of birds as winged dinosaurs.

I’ll update our friends on Old Welsummer, my nearly twelve-year-old hen, the last survivor from my first flock of baby chicks. She’s another cool pet.

She transitioned nicely into a house chicken, lives in a roomy pen, has a perch beneath a heating light. She has excellent energy and appetite, enjoys kibble, salads, fruits, and just about everything. In nice weather, she gets to spend time outside. There in another roomy pen she finds plenty of scratch and dried bugs. She loves having dust baths!

Now, to figure out which is the fifth young hen that’s laying. There will be eggs until there’s an initial deep freeze, and afterwards, laying will pause until it’s again spring.

Dear Friends: More back-in-time will be seeing Hunter’s Moon, rising and lighting a sunless world. Diana

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