No-Reveal Horizon

Steer through a raindrop

Thursday, October 21, 2021 (November’s full moon [“Beaver”] will rise on the 19th.)

We moon-chasers headed toward east of town in weather drizzly and heavily overcast. We felt optimistic, wanted to find an unobstructed horizon and watch it, to witness the rise of October’s full Hunter’s Moon. No dice, because the drizzling didn’t let up, and dense cloudiness obscured distant views.

The cattle! Nothing obscured a herd of steers, in a pasture adjoining where we had parked. Those gentle and timid creatures watched us with curiosity. We couldn’t resist approaching them.

The atmosphere was very cloudy, but the horizon was defined enough to provide a sighting direction. Susie’s calculations revealed where Hunter’s Moon would rise. Maybe not with highly bright visibility, but maybe there’d be a faint sighting.

Meanwhile, we amused ourselves by looking closely at our surroundings. We’ve parked before in this farmer’s little field and tend to refer to it as his “junk place”. This time around, now looking closely at discards, we began to wonder about their stories. We created theories.

Pictures themselves tell stories, little need for words!

Here a couple of, once-upon-a-time, “hot” VWs.

Oh my, huge wheels! Taller than a straight-standing human. What on earth might they have supported?

Susie and I are accustomed to rolling with the punches. The evening’s rain-gloom made us shift attention from the moon. We took advantage of available photo ops and captured images.

Susie’s artistic streak reveals again that even the most mundane sightings can be very beautiful.

And. here are this month’s full-moon chasers–out again and following our hearts!

Dear Friends: Our goal is collecting a year’s worth of moon-rise images, and creating a memory book. Diana

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