Sunday, October 24, 2021 (November’s full moon [“Beaver”] will rise on the 19th.)

Finally, we’re seeing Hunter’s Moon, in its waning phase and still glorious. It guided me home through last evening’s drizzle and lighted the barn as I led horses to their feeding stalls.

This morning, it’s still drizzling. I’ll be at work all day. I’m wrestling with the pluses and minuses of leaving my mini-Aussie, Louie, inside the house. He’s old, and in chilly weather limps from arthritis, needs warmth and shelter. Well, we’ll go for it, and see what happens regarding his physical condition and my house’s inside condition.

During lunch when I dash home to toss hay to horses, I’ll let Louie outside briefly. Might wind up slopping-over on the time clock, but hey, my dog’s talking to me!

Every complicated situation has its “bottom line”. Summed-up, that means, “one does what one must”.

Experience often shows matters that worry-greatly as working out okay. Those that invite too little attention may surprise and disappoint.

About Louie’s needs, today will be informative.

Dear Friends: New directions call for different steps, more creativity. They’re learning opportunities. Diana

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