Sliding Around

Monday, October 25, 2021 (November’s full moon [“Beaver”] will rise on the 19th.)

A lady maybe in her mid-fifties came to my register, set down a cartridge of caulk and a caulking gun. She pointed at them, and almost whispered, “Do you know how to use these?”

I nodded while searching for UPC codes.

“Could you show me how?”

I looked at the items, suddenly they seemed foreign. Years ago, I’d done a little caulking. As the back of my brain tried to re-piece steps and processes, I latched onto what seemed easiest.

I lifted the cartridge and pointed at its nozzle, “You’ll want to cut this, and at a spot that will let caulk flow in a correct amount.” She nodded at my fingers on the nozzle and waited.

Oh gosh, she really wants to tackle something brand new to her. I continued with the easy part, “Cutting too near the tip will give you a tiny bead. Cutting close to the tube’s mouth will create a large flow.” She seemed riveted.

Feeling challenged, I lifted the gun while searching for the logic of its configuration. Seeing an open chamber and sliding in the cartridge, I felt memory returning. “By operating this lever, you will cause the mechanism to create pressure at the cartridge’s large end. That’ll push caulk through the cartridge’s chamber and out of the end.”

Now, I remembered, could recall how to plunge and bead. I cleared the chamber and explained how to re-install the cartridge, and how to operate the gun’s lever. The demonstration had become smooth, an easily-simulated process.

“Do you feel more comfortable now about using these?”

She smiled for the first time, “Yes, and thank you very much!”

I asked if she had a computer, she nodded. “If you’re confused, search YouTube for videos explaining how to use a caulking gun. You’ll find lots of burly guys and some ladies walking through the steps.”

I finished checking her out and added, “If you want more hands-on explaining, come back here. Anyone working at the registers or in the aisles will help you. We ‘heart’ do-it-yourselfers!”

For me, being refreshed on using those bits felt good. What was better, I recalled having a sliding door that needs re-sealing with a bead of caulk. Uh oh, where last did I see my caulking gun?

Dear Friends: Works two ways. On a customer’s recommendation, I purchased the same heavy long socks. Diana

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