Best & Cutest

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 (November’s full moon [“Beaver”] will rise on the 19th.)

My Pimmy might be a loser in the current “cutest pet” contest, which the local newspaper is promoting (and BTW, using Pimmy’s photo, without my express permission, in its booster ads). I’ve objected to this contest because it promotes the buying of votes. I’d be thrilled if my donkey were a “top cutest”, but won’t justify promoting a pet by having to enter what’s essentially a “spending contest”, where top-dollar determines a winner.

That cutest-contest anyway fades in importance, because this year the Bend Christmas Parade will be held in early December. Last year’s Christmas Parade was cancelled because of Covid-19. Also cancelled was the city’s July 4th Pet Parade. This area’s many pet-lovers mourned losing these key fun events.

Both parades gain lots of entrants, the marchers go for a couple of miles, winding through downtown streets lined with appreciative watching crowds. This pet city’s marchers include pigs, ducks, snakes, llamas, horses, and just about every other critter-type. Oddly, Pimmy usually is the lone donkey, and we take advantage by moving around and walking alongside various sorts of animals.

When last Pimmy marched in the Christmas Parade, she wore her Christmas costume. The crowd loved her. Afterwards, parents with cameras lined-up for pictures of their little kids on Pimmy’s back.

In this year’s Parade, Pimmy will march again, and if enough pieces are findable, in her costume. Or maybe another costume. My part-time work in a ranch supply store might lend new ideas from merchandise and customers.

Dear Friends: Through many years, my donkey has been a fun pet, flexible, adaptable, and sweet. Diana

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