Cutting Up

Saturday, October 30, 2021 (November’s full moon [“Beaver”] will rise on the 19th.)

I got it! I did it! Perfect cuts and easy-peasy tamed the pumpkin.

The first cut, shown in the header photo, was with a long, sharp boning knife. Plunging it repeatedly created a circle around the stem, leaving a cutting track. A sharp chef’s knife followed the track and the top came away easily.

Next, to split the globe, out came the brand new, very sharp serrated-blade folding saw.

The saw-teeth bit into that exposed cut and traveled easily down the pumpkin’s sides. Now, there were two pieces.

The saw blade turned finishing-up into short work. The pieces were ready for goats, chickens, and equines.

With thanks to friends who offered suggestions, and also thanks to YouTube for ideas. Pumpkins needn’t win!

Dear Friends: It’s my very early to-work day, but first wanting to share how things worked out. Diana

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