Inner Voice

Sunday, October 31, 2021 (November’s full moon [“Beaver”] will rise on the 19th.)

Happy Halloween!

Where did October go? So quickly it passed, and trying to recall its days seems empty. Except that I managed to be hired again, and am working. Now in training, I’m learning to operate a modern cash register.

This current position is a job that once ranked several levels below my position in a large corporation. I used to train the supervisors of key subordinates responsible for managing front-line workers. Now, I myself am a front-liner, needing to memorize computer keys that don’t make sense to a writer. For example, my register’s asterisk key won’t create a reference or ellipsis, it opens a “return for credit” option.

I concentrate on trying to memorize the register keyboard. That’s helping to keep my brain vigorous, has me wondering less about my memory capabilities.

Moreover, I’m concentrating on not seeming “too smart”. Experience has taught me much about the challenges and best ways to manage various levels of teams and individuals. My now-role isn’t to criticize or suggest “better” ways, but to focus solely on interacting with customers, handling a keyboard, and knowing my scheduled work days and hours.

Recently, I found that sounding too-smart can feel threatening to a low-level supervisor. I had hoped to help educate a supervisor overseeing me, and instead, managed to alienate that person. I learned yet again that everybody gains new learning in individual ways, and few in lower management chains may be open to learning from someone who ranks lower.

I get it, and intend to keep my opinions private. Mouth’s shut!

Nearly all humans run into a key challenge of coping, that of needing to focus on staying within one’s prescribed role.

Dear Friends: Blogging is a challenge-off-setter, it lends opportunities “to hear” one’s inner-self. Diana

2 thoughts on “Inner Voice

  1. Sad that you have to smother your intelligence and ideas to not threaten your supervisor. I hope you’re still enjoying your coworkers and customers. You sound pretty darn busy! 🥰

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  2. Re: “… everybody gains new learning in individual ways, and few in lower management chains may be open to learning from someone who ranks lower.” Yep. I also learned that the hard way. Really great managers know that exceptional, even just good, subordinates reflect well on them. Everyone benefits. Frustrating that more management people don’t know this.


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