New Light

Sunday, November 07, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

I slept my usual number hours and awakened to discover it wasn’t 5 a.m., but just 4 a.m.! Okay, I knew it was time to turn back clocks, but my deep sleep dulled any sensitivity to that change. Now while writing, I’m anticipating our collective “reward”, a glimpse of earlier daylight.

Earlier daylights won’t long make a difference to us, because anyway, natural light will continue to shorten. For many people earlier lighting isn’t at all important. For all living beings, however, something does become significantly different. It’s that artificial time changes confuse our internal clocks.

We’ve come to appreciate that our natural clocks trigger performance. We don’t appreciate having their work interrupted by artificial time changes. External clocks take over, forcing us to do what’s needed despite our feelings of “time being off”, or “…wrong”, to do what’s needed.

After many years of making semi-annual time changes wouldn’t ya think they’d be easier? Doesn’t it add up, that becoming accustomed to altering time could make adjusting feel more natural?

Nope, and here’s an example.

Now at 6 a.m., in the beginning first light, I’m still writing. A nearby external clock shows I’ve more time to write. Meanwhile down at the barn, my horses seeing this light rightly expect me shortly to appear with hay. Sorry, equines, despite daylight you must wait longer for breakfast.

Time-changing periods are bummers. But living beings will adjust, they/we always do.

Dear Friends: It’s unusual, but now early on the move and thinking horses, I’m going straight to them. Diana

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