Darkness To Light

Monday, November 08, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

Yesterday morning, the set-back clocks confused timing and routines. That evening seemed worse when daylight dimmed very early. After the initial plunge into darkening days, the norm will be weeks with ever-lessening natural light.

And finally, capping these changes will arrive deep winter’s darkest day, the solstice. Actually, that day encourages joy. It offers a reality-based anticipation that light and warmth conditions will change. Immediately after the solstice, will occur bit-by-bit and daily, lengthening natural light. We can begin anticipating more natural warmth arriving also bit-by-bit, but much more slowly.

Thus, the very dark day of winter solstice does enlighten our spirits.

Between now and then, many of us will begin “scrambling in darkness” or participating in events referred to as Black Fridays. That’s when the commercial world in its way tries “enlightening” our days. It’s an opportunity for commerce, with shorter daylights inviting more online time, upcoming holidays inviting gifting, and we feeling encouraged to spend.

I’m carefully considering this compelling period, hoping to “get a handle” on it. Maybe it’s possible to get in front, so to speak, by sensibly planning a path through darker weeks ahead, that avoids being tempted by excessive over-commercialization, Maybe it’s possible to welcome winter solstice, having obtaining everything needed and still with some cash.

Dear Friends: Winter brings big challenges for impulse buyers, and I’m in their ranks. Diana

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