High Desert In Fall

High Desert, Central OR (Wikipedia)

Thursday, November 11, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

This morning, I became involved in writing something else, and now, have too little time to keep writing here.

It’s an early to-work day. I’ll help to open the store, and so, must very soon be outside, feeding and caring for large animals.

Yesterday, for the first time since last spring, I took the equines and my hound dog to go riding in weather, slightly foggy and very chilly.

I needed to practice saddling/bridling, to transition from a routine of harnessing my driving horses. Several embarrassing fumbles while tacking-up made it worthwhile to be alone at a trailhead. I needed plenty of time to think slowly through the process.

Good! I got the saddle on and cinched. I re-figured the bridle and breast collar arrangements. Then, mounted one horse, ponied another, and our donkey followed. My hound, Ranger (not showing signs of arthritis), led our way.

So good, sitting again in a saddle!

Lots of bulky inner and outer winter wear hindered my attempts to handle a cellphone, so no photos. Disappointing, because I love capturing winter scenery. We’ll soon go out again, and I’ll take lots of pictures.

Dear Friends: Last night fell much needed rain, and today watch for a wonderful sky. Diana

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