Fall Morning

Sunrise today

Friday, November 11, 2021 (November’s fullest moon (“Beaver”) rises on the 19th.)

After a couple rainy days, this one welcomes a glorious sky. Already, I couldn’t resist venturing outside to capture the beauty of an eastern sky. In a welcome change, today will be warmer.

The birds are migrating, all sorts flocking nearby and allowing for wonderful photos. Here are a couple currently feeding around my house.

This young Robin lets me mention that I’m testing these birds, hoping to discover “mine” from last summer. That fledgling left my care by flying off, as it should have, to mature on its own. I wish the bird will return, and in its “bird way” recognize my voice. I’d love some hint of an “Hello, again!”

Here’s a hawk that’s hanging around these days, and keeping its eyes mostly focused toward my neighbor’s pasture that has small wildlife. I think it’s a Red-tailed, young, and so its tail not yet red. If anyone finds it a different variety, I’d like to know.

Dear Friends: Enjoy this warm day and keep looking upward to a spectacularly clean sky. Diana

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