Saturday, November 13, 2021 (November’s fullest moon (“Beaver”) rises on the 19th.)

A co-worker who no longer needs her three “Dogloos” is giving them to me for my four dogs. I’m worried about working through cold days and whether to leave my now-older dogs outside. The youngest two are nine, and the oldest two are eleven and thirteen. I already have one Dogloo shelter, need more.

The Dogloo is designed like an Igloo, it’s an effective shelter and probably the best. My co-worker is offering a sweet gift.

Still I struggle over leaving the dogs outside in winter for long periods. My arthritis is a problem in early mornings while first moving around and avoiding stressing my little flexibility. The same should hold for dogs.

I’ll continue leaving them inside and unsupervised for long stretches. They’ll go outside briefly during lunchtimes, when I’ll also toss hay for the horses. They’ll be inside again until my after-work.

I’ll arrange the Dogloos and hope for the dogs to use them, which is doubtful. Through the years, their way of fighting cold has been to dig holes and bury half-self, or to curl into tight balls until invited inside.

This winter is different, for I like my job and wish to keep working. The dogs may remain inside, and I’ll learn what happens regarding a pack’s degree of “housebroken”, and its ability to get along with a cat and caged birds.

Nothing’s ever easy, so it’s best to go with the flow. If my dogs don’t shelter in the Dogloos and having them inside becomes too problematic, I’ll quit my job.

Aging in humans rearranges perspective as to almost everything. For pets it’s probably similar. I’m gambling that the dogs will “get it”, behave well overall, not be destructive.

Dear Friends: The mundane is less so while bolstering courage to support a life change. Diana

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