Fall Ride

Ranger leading the way

Sunday, November 14, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

Today will be another warm one, with temps reaching the high 60s. It’s not a workday for me, and so I’ll go riding.

Practice makes perfect. Another trailhead visit will let me tack-up again, and hopefully more smoothly than in my previous attempt following many months of not riding horseback. I needed pauses to recall some steps, like the sequence to attach Sunni’s English breast collar to her saddle. Then while poising to mount, I discovered Sunni’s saddle was crooked and listing to her off side. Re-do time! Then having tacked properly I rode, but getting us ready took too long.

Today should be easier. With practice now under my belt, I’ll ride Rosie. She’s a full sister to Sunni and with a less-round topside, so tacking her can be quicker. We’ll see.

Another reason to go riding is my wish to take photos of the desert in this fall season. That waterless landscape now clear of summer’s tough little blooms seems quieter, and it differs beautifully.

Dear Friends: Fortunate is the person with a horse to ride and a camera to carry. Diana

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