Avanto & Sunni

Ashley, Avanto, and Russ

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

For certain today, I’ll ride horseback. It’ll be cold on the trail but forecasts anticipate the sun will shine. I’ll be bundled, my hands in new winter-warm gloves.

For days I’ve planned to ride horseback, and mainly, to be well prepared for today, to be efficient at the trailhead.

My riding buddy, Ashley, is very active with her horse, Avanto. Me lately, less active as a rider. I don’t want us waiting while I fumble with tack.

I managed last week to get out with the horses, rode one and ponied one. I got Sunni saddled, and correctly after a couple of tries. I had to turn her breast collar up, down, and all ways, to re-imagine how it fits on her. That’s an example of “fumbling around”. Maybe that recent time of doing will let me tack-up efficiently.

Ashley’s Avanto is a world class jumper, and I estimate at least 17 hands tall. I’ll ride Sunni, she’s almost 14 hands tall. Ashley says she can keep the big guy at a walk. Although his natural stride is long, maybe she can keep him slow.

Avanto was recognized worldwide, before having serious issues with his hooves, essentially in mid-career becoming very lame, which ended his jumping days. Veterinarians deemed his hooves un-treatable. Somehow Ashley discovered the horse’s story, did whatever was necessary to have him re-homed to her.

Our mutual farrier, Russ, is very experienced and capable. Over the past two or three years Russ has managed to rehabilitate Avanto’s damaged hooves. Each time Russ works with Avanto, he needs a whole day to rebuild hooves and re-shoe.

Ashley has done appropriate exercising to strengthen Avanto. She’s also working with a trainer and learning how to jump the horse. This year, she began entering competitions, and says jumping Avanto is an ecstatic experience. He’s a spectacular natural athlete.

Today, even if Sunni must hurry, to keep up, Worth it!. We’ll be part of the wonderful “Avanto, rescue and rehabilitation” story.

Dear Friends: My little Sunni, herself is a doggone good athlete, she’ll enjoy moving out more. Diana

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