Mary’s capture: waxing Beaver Moon

Thursday, November 18, 2021 (November’s fullest moon [“Beaver”] rises on the 19th.)

I’ve too little time to write this morning. It took longer than I anticipated to figure out how to order tickets for Bend’s Christmas Parade.

I ordered tickets, to march with Pimmy who’ll carry a rider (Maddie, the Gilberts’ granddaughter). That ticket order website is a disaster. It took some time to figure out where/how to order tickets.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter. Its questionable whether parade space still is available. Here’s hoping.

I should have been on this earlier, but a plan fell into place only yesterday.

Meanwhile, I did ride horseback. My pony traveled alongside Avanto, a tall, rangy and fabulous jumping horse. That big guy moseyed along, my Sunni easily staying with him. His rider and I talking nonstop had lots in common and enjoyed every minute of that outing.

Tomorrow, I’ll write more of the miraculous “Avanto story”.

I must go now and feed horses. I’s my early day at work to open the store.

Today’s header photo was texted by my cousin Mary. It’s of a nearly-full, fabulous Beaver Moon over California. Here in Oregon, the sky was too cloudy to see that moon.

Tomorrow evening Susie and I plan to head east and capture Beaver’s fullest rise over an Oregon horizon. With fingers crossed, for possible rain/snow are predicted.

Dear Friends: Yesterday turned into a setup for lots of fun ahead. Diana

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