Morning After

Saturday, November 20, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

This header photo is a “best” moonshot from we chasers. It’s from my phone, because my cameras seem to have gone missing. Last night, Susie unloaded them from her car, and I brought them in, but where, oh where are they?

Behind us in the header photo and among busy clouds is the full beautiful moon. It’s rise was visible on and off, always among those compelling clouds. Tomorrow I’ll describe the dark funky place where Susie parked, where we waited for “Beaver” Moon’s rise. I’ll also post photos.

The moon’s early rise left time for us to retreat to Susie’s and Dale’s teepee. There we sat around a roaring fire talking and sipping wine.

Susie and I keep up by texting, and occasionally getting together. Last night’s teepee gathering offered me a chance to catch up with Dale.

He’s a genius engineer behind the “HeliLadder”, an innovative, modular product/tool designed for use in repairing helicopters. About five years ago, Dale and Susie created HeliLadder, it’s now beginning to “go big time” with military branches placing orders for the ladder. Their company’s growth shares with other companies many of today’s economic constraints, for example, having parts made and arriving on time.

In a twist to our conversation, I told of hoping to find a “girlfriend” for my farrier, Russ, a handsome single man. He’s kind and loyal, recently parted ways with his fiancee. Turns out that Dale and Susie have a close, loved friend who’s single. She heads an organization that works with returning veterans. Hmm, a potential candidate?

Here’s Susie, beautiful in firelight.

Between fire and wine, I might have became slightly lit. Back home, I modeled new winter-wear planned for freezing-weather horseback-riding. Susie says it’s overkill, her photo might support.

Dear Friends: An evening, spontaneous with dear friends, unbeatable and lovely. Diana

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