Atmospheric Immersions

Beaver Moon

Sunday, November 21, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

Susie and I went chasing November’s fullest moon, “Beaver”, questioning if we’d be able to see anything in the heavily overcast sky. She watched compass bearings showing our best-viewing spot for that rising Moon. Since our usual parking/watching spot offered a poor view, we followed the compass farther east, to an off-road corner. In that remote place we waited to see a first light.

The evening was downright cold. The darkening busy sky had blurring clouds, continually promising poor moon-visibility.

We waited, talking, preparing cameras and watching. Susie is highly alert to happenings in the sky and spotted Moon’s first light.

The dark, cloudy sky gave our cameras trouble. We couldn’t zero in adequately on the Moon before it moved high into the sky. Once it was above the clouds, we could capture its beauty.

We were planning a fairly-short moon-viewing, intending to join Susie’s husband, Dale, in their authentic teepee. There before a roaring fire to counter our chilly adventure, we could enjoy conversation and spirits.

The next morning while early out feeding horses I saw that full moon, now setting and above the South Sister Mountain. My camera has limited capability, finding the moon too high for a really good shot of moon with mountain. This image of that dawning day managed to capture fairly well the trio of moon, mountain, atmosphere.

Dear Friends: Some memorable moments we may create, all these were good. Diana

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