Gifted a Day

East-side desert

Monday, November 22, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

During our last adventure, I mentioned to Susie some work stalled at home for lack of a helper. Susie volunteered, we discussed and felt that together we could handle the jobs. Also, we decided that day should begin with a horseback ride.

Yesterday, we groomed the horses and Pimmy, before loading the trio and heading toward the town’s east side. The header photo captures desert beauty in this winter. We had a quiet lovely ride.

Susie on Sunni led me on Rosie for most of the way.

Both horses remained easygoing. Following us, Pimmy in a great mood for being out and loose, cantered, kicking and bucking, and periodically faux-spooking. Here, bold Pimmy leads us all.

Adorning Pimmy’s halter are three bells, one a very-loud cowbell. Last year, while following my horses too slowly Pimmy got out of sight. At some point, on realizing that Pimmy wasn’t following and searching without success, I called on our friends, the Gilberts, for help. Together we learned that a Forest Ranger on seeing Pimmy traveling alone had confiscated her as a stray. The Gilberts helped me locate and retrieve Pimmy.

She’s now always has trail bells. Upon occasional “bell-silences”, maybe because Pimmy is pausing at some lush spot to graze, I quickly start looking to avoid another “missing Pimmy”.

Occasionally yesterday, we let the horses stop and nibble. Susie focused on her GPS to understand our route.

It was okay for Susie and her GPS to do the thinking. I share with my Rosie that following allows a reduced alertness. While Sunni and Susie figured out our route, Rosie and I just relaxed.

That began our day. After we arrived home and cared for the equines, Susie took the lead. She tackled the worming of my twin goats, making the process easy. She bucked hay bales for transferring to another storage area. She loaded heavy cumbersome trash into a trailer, tarped and secured the load, for moving to the dump.

I do many things myself, but sometimes need help and quickly. While Pimmy was lost, the Gilberts helped me keep breathing and searching for her. The two squirmy goats needed holding for their wormings. And that trash! I worried weeks about how to load big heavy pieces. Kind Susie, giving a day, rescued me.

Dear Friends: One’s history is as much about friendships as about doing. Diana

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