Friday, November 26, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

Thanksgiving dinner with friends, a warm friendly event. Afterwards arriving home, to friendly greetings from lights newly hung. Next going to feed horses, and enjoying lights hanging on the barn. A very pleasant day.

Except, it’s too warm during this holiday. Just before Thanksgivings, this area usually experiences at least one very deep freeze or a snowing. Those deep colds make grasses freeze, lose their sugars, and then my equines may graze for hours on pasture grasses. This year’s warmth makes me wonder if grasses now are enough de-sugared for my animals.

Regardless of whether individuals love or hate them, winter freezes and snow absolutely are necessary. Our current warmth and lack of snow creates huge worries. A key concern is that reduced melt-offs inadequately will replenish water supplies. Already, irrigation costs have increased with access to water decreased.

Warmth also is a notion. We have “feelings of warmth”, meaningful and enticing. A shared sense of being together, a warmth in gathering, unites folks.

Shelly & me

Dear Friends: Wisdom grows, in events that encourage a reconsideration of potential. Diana

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