Ah, Christmas!

Saturday, November 27, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

Next week will be held the City’s Annual Christmas Parade. My donkey, Pimmy, will be costumed and marching, ridden by my friends’ granddaughter. Those friends will lead Pimmy. I’ll be absent for having to work at my part-time job. Bums me out in a way, but I’m happy we figured out how to keep Pimmy and her designated rider in the Parade lineup.

My nonworking days will be busy before the Parade with finding and piecing together Pimmy’s Christmas costume. It’s an original, designed by my artist friend Janet, with help from her creative daughters. Janet has made many costumes, ranks Pimmy’s as one of her best.

So does the public. A couple years ago, in a charitable effort, Janet and I hosted a “Holiday shoot” in her husband’s parking lot (his carpentry shop is on a busy corner). Folks driving by were attracted by our costumed donkey. Many stopped for photos of their kids on Pimmy’s back. We charged for pictures and donated to St. Jude’s.

Janet is busy this season and can’t help me re-costume Pimmy. Her eldest daughter is expecting and also moving into a new home. Janet is anxious and involved.

On the “marching day”, I’ll be free until noon. That leaves me the morning hours to ready Pimmy, and to help my friends load her into their trailer for heading downtown. They’ll march a mile or so, winding through closed-off streets, being cheered by lots of watchers.

This year Pimmy won’t wear cute socks. They tend to slide down, drag on the ground. My friends shouldn’t need to keep pausing and readjusting.

As she’s being re-costumed, I’ll take photos.

My Pimmy, always a sweet pet, often more dog-like than horse-like. She’s also a community treasure.

Dear Friends: Forwarding Thanksgiving’s energy ahead toward Christmas. Diana

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