Lil’ Surprise

Sunday, November 28, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

The picture is of my brand-new mutt. She’s not yet named, at least by me, and I’m rolling around ideas. She’s about the size of a minute, maybe weighs 5-6 lbs., is quick as a wink.

I adopted her from a customer at the feed & tack store where I work at a cash register. I watched the lady enter with two leashed tiny dogs. They wore jackets and were very cute. As she showed them toys, the more active (my) tiny dog was super excited over each. If they’d come through my register, I’d play for a bit with the dogs.

The trio came and I gave the pups cookies, oohed and aawaed. The lady said the quieter dog was seven years old, and the active one just one year old. She had just rescued the active pup and intended to make her available for adoption.

I leaped, and long story short, found myself with a tiny lap dog.

That occurred early in my workday. The store manager, Bobby, happened to be nearby, and like us all, jaw-dropped. I asked him if I could kennel the dog through my shift in the store’s grooming area. He laughed, said yes.

(I consider that as payback for my having relinquished marching with Pimmy in the upcoming Christmas Parade, and instead agreeing to work on Parade Day in the store.)

The back story is that I’ve wanted another little dog after losing my Lil’ Bit several years ago. The pandemic scooped up most of the easily-adoptable dogs, made it challenging to find a “right one”. I’m not into finding a “designer dog”, cute as most are. I keep an eye on “Street Dog Rescue”, a good organization that rescues dogs from other countries, but haven’t been comfortable to select from a website’s multiple photos.

Suddenly, into my life walks a customer with two cute pooches.

I didn’t ask from what situation my dog had been rescued. The lady said she has all the necessary shots except for rabies. I’ll learn if she’s been spayed while we’re in for a rabies vax.

My dogs and birds went nuts when the newbie came inside. The dogs were curious and pushy while Peaches screamed his head off. The pup went into a crate with a new cushy pillow. For awhile she worried, finally eating well. At bedtime she slept and quietly through the night.

The photo from her outing very early today hints at her cuteness. My coworkers and I estimated that she’s a mix of Jack Russell, poodle, and more.

Dear Friends: I’ve often hoped for my “next dog” to simply just show up. Diana

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