Monday, November 29, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

My new pup has a name, “Mitzvah”. The name pleasantly suggests good-mood and transition. It suggests more, too, I’ll explain later.

She’s quick as a wink, dashes in big circles, is curious about everything and very smart. She learns quickly, follows off-leash, listens to recalls. In this country-like setting her tinyness worries, so I keep her close and watch for raptors.

For years, I’ve faced similar worries during my neighborhood walks with Cockatoo Peaches. Riding on my shoulders and sometimes on my head, he’s a bright-white little fellow. He might represent a grabbable feast, and continually, I peer overhead for raptors.

His positions keep Peaches handy, and quickly, he could be shifted, made less visible. A bigger challenge is an off-leash tiny puppy, running and vulnerable. Matzvah loves to dash, but musn’t have many free-ranging opportunities.

Her tinyness brings more challenges. Only slowly may she be allowed freely among my bigger dogs, to be certain they don’t see her as a toy or chase-able object. There’s also the problem of my long working hours, and not wanting her left home, crated. I’m thinking of how to make everything work, for she’s a keeper.

Her name is a donation from my forever friend, Jan, who lives in Kansas City. Yesterday, during our lengthy catch-up on video, the puppy joined and we toyed with name-ideas. Later, Jan texted a powerful message. She felt the puppy is a blessing, or a mitzvah in my life, and I’m doing a mitzvah by providing the pup a forever home. That insight hits the spot, and so, we’ve a “Mitzvah”.

Dear Friends: When we are feeling love, the kinds of persons we are is revealed. Diana

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