Parade’s A’coming!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

It’s officially confirmed that we’re participating in next Saturday’s Christmas Parade. “We” are my donkey, Pimmy and her young rider, Abby, accompanied by Abby’s extended family, “the Gilberts”.

This little city’s Annual Christmas Parade is a wingding. Many residents love animals. They’ll be marching with favorite pets, of amazing assorted varieties. Besides animals, named groups will march, there will be highly-decorated vehicles, large special Christmas floats, and marching individuals all decorated-up. The Parade will wind through downtown streets crowded with young and old viewers.

In this horsey community, the Parade always entices lots of riders.

In Parades, Pimmy often has been a lone marching donkey. She’s great fun, a willing companion, and always a hit with viewers.

That day I will be working at my part-time job. The Gilberts will be leading our team in the Parade.

Leading Pimmy and Abby will be Abby’s granddad, Dave. Abby’s grandma, Julie, will tote a muck fork (or hand it off to Abby’s dad, Matt). In past parades we’ve not carried a muck fork, but this one wants for each animal a designated mucker. If a need arises, receptacles aplenty will be handy.

My wonderful, very capable friend, Susie, has volunteered to join on Saturday morning to help clean and costume. We’ll finish most of the work before the Gilberts arrive bringing their horse rig. Ms Pimmy, all dressed-up, must willingly step into a strange trailer, and alone without one of “her mares” as company. We’ll entice her with treats. For them, she’ll usually do anything.

That’s the plan, we’re all excited. Well, except for Pimmy.

Dear Friends: A fun season with multi-colored lights, and an exciting Big Parade. Diana

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