Repacking the Pack

Introducing Mitzvah to Frank, our neighbor

Wednesday, December 01, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

I’ve begun introducing the new dog individually to members of my pack. The eldest, Louie, is thirteen years old, the next, Ranger, is twelve years old, and the youngest Miles and Osix, both are nine years old. All joined me during their puppy-hoods.

My mini-Aussie, Louie, the smallest, was first to meet little Mitzvah one-on-one. She loved him, was all flirty and having fun. He flirted a bit before wandering away. So far, so good.

Next introduced one-on-one, the pack’s biggest dog, Miles, kept a distance from Mitzvah. She seemed neither interested in him or frightened, she ignored him. More, so-far-so-good.

Today, my other large dog, hound Ranger, will meet Mitzvah. That timid fellow seems fascinated by her. Their introduction should go well.

The most-worrying introduction involves my Border Collie-mix, Osix. Until now, as the pack’s one female, small-to-medium in size, she often dominates the bigger boys. Osix isn’t particularly pleased with our new puppy. They’ll meet, but maybe days after the boys have interacted often with Mitzvah.

This isn’t my first time introducing a new dog. A few years ago, my pack numbered six. One that became integrated was Lil’ Bit, a female larger than Mitzvah and smaller than Osix. She weighed fifteen pounds and let nobody boss her around. There came also a big German Shepherd, Kinny. I worried that he might fight with the boys. But Kinny was a gentle soul, happy in the pack.

Lil’ Bit made me want another small dog. She was inquisitive, brave, easy to take anywhere, and above all, a wonderful therapy dog. When my elderly sister was ailing, Lil’ Bit would leap onto the hospital bed, licking my sister’s face, making her laugh. Always eager for our visits, my sister became very sad when Lil’ Bit passed away.

Mitzvah is a tinier package but like Lil’ Bit. She’s curious, brave, has a mind of her own, and is very affectionate. She’d be a great therapy dog, that might become a goal.

Dear Friends: This little ball of energy is re-energizing my mind. Diana

2 thoughts on “Repacking the Pack

  1. It’s amazing what impact a tiny creature can have on us. Dave is totally bewitched by Petey and I think Petey counts as a therapy dog for both of us. Nick is 99% big brother protector with rare squabbles over food if we’re not careful. Chloe is fine with him. She just taught him quickly that she doesn’t share food. 😝

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