Curving To Capture

Thursday, December 16, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

We moon chasers creatively will capture this month’s fullest moon-rise. I’m scheduled to work on the 18th, will help to close the store and not get home until late. By then, the full moon will be floating high, if even visible in our snowy, gloomy-trending skies.

If a visible globe is overhead, after feeding horses and walking uphill to the house, I’ll try to capture it. My fellow “chaser”, Susie, plans to be outside earlier, photographing. Sometimes unfortunate circumstances lead to happy outcomes. Maybe our December efforts will have us winding up with interesting photos.

Susie and I have chased nearly a year’s worth of fullest-rising moons. We’d enjoy creating a calendar for Year 2023 featuring our best photo captures. Many show this year’s risings as dramatic and compelling, others reflect moon strength and beauty.

We’ve experienced in real time the sudden light that appears over a dark horizon. In those moments of dawning, Susie and I have understood how since time immemorial moonlight has attracted and excited humans, and most other living creatures.

We’re falling back and punting now to achieve our goals. A whole year’s worth of monthly risings, and a 2023 calendar of full-moons.

Dear Friends: Little interruptions alter processes and need working-around. Diana

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