Friday, December 17, 2021 (December’s fullest moon [“Cold Moon”] rises on the 18th.)

There are pleasant things about being old. Experience has taught that while working among young people, I should keep a low profile and stay out of their business. Low profile means keeping to myself, such as education, experience, and life lessons. Staying out of “their business” means remaining uninvolved in social/political opinions and romantic ventures.

I practice limiting my comments, opinions, and observations to whatever we share in real time. For example, I’ll say, “That customer was weird.” Usually, others will agree. I’m hearing generally good feedback about my participation on the team. That’s pleasing.

Here’s a sweet thing. A young co-worker told me of saying to her mom that she “just loves” me. They wonder if I have an invitation for Christmas Day, have invited me to join their family that day.

Well, I’m too old and far-away from a young family’s experience, to anticipate feeling comfortable in that situation. Kind and fun as the family might be, and despite my affection for a sweet co-worker.

Another sweet thing. I’m going with friends who wish to take me out for dinner. That’s caused a decision situation. I’m uninterested in eating out, since before the pandemic. That stay-at-home-and-be-safe-stretch cinched my disinterest. Besides, having worked in food service, I don’t particularly trust food-handling in big kitchens. I’m not saying that all public food handling is bad. My avoiding simply reflects an achieved mindset.

But I’ve accepted my friends’ invitation, it’s important to them.

Thank Heavens, that although I’m elderly, often distrustful and grouchy, it’s become possible to thread through a few personal tangles. So far, I’m navigating challenging waters that offer work-groups, generational divides, and friendship sharing.

As to The Big Holidays. I’m accustomed to spending them semi-alone, and also joyously, with my wonderful critter family. I don’t seek more, but aren’t taking lightly spontaneous kindnesses from friends and coworkers. It’s all good.

Dear Friends: Dark winter, a cold-season environment, facilitates closeness. Diana

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