Dreaming Writer

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is Waning Gibbous; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” will rise on the 17th.)

Writing these daily blogs while aging tests my strength of memory, it’s always on my mind. Essentially, blogs are essays. Each has a central topic, is relevant to the larger world, and must be worthwhile reading. Some of my blogs turn out better than others, because daily fresh essays can’t always hit squarely on the mark.

Over the years daily blogging has exercised and improved my writing skills. Blogging actually is the art of practicing to create clear and concise communications. Essaying is choosing topics that connect with readers vis a vis life experiences and educations.

Blogging also is a way of gaining self-insight. Mine have made me aware of focusing often on learning and remembering. I’ve tinkered with ideas for writing larger essays about human learning and remembering, for publication in a large venue. Say, The New York Times or Washington Post.

Hey, Diana, go for the Gold!

Those newspapers often publish “guest essays” from outside contributors. I’d like to make a contribution, too, although the challenge feels daunting. If I believe in my ability to write and have ideas for topics, trying should be okay. Yes, I ought to contribute an essay.

This wish has been on my mind long enough to bolster confidence. Actually, I’ve begun creating a contribution. I’m writing as if its to become a blog, but it’ll have differences. The piece’s underpinnings will be more complex, and longer, with more twists and turns.

As I continue writing a guest essay, I’ll blog occasionally about keeping an appropriate focus. It’s another way of doing my work, of developing ideas and rolling them out logically.

Dear Friends: In everything we do, practicing hones skills and elevates goals. Diana

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