Thursday, December 23, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is Waning Gibbous; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” will rise on the 17th.)

How could it be! I only just have discovered the writer, Grace Paley.

Several weeks ago some article that referenced her work attracted my attention. Feeling interested in what that writer had produced, I sought online used copies of her books. Now I have two: one contains essays, the other poetry.

I’ll write more about her later.

Because this is an early-to-work morning for me, I’ll be helping to open the store. It’s being slammed by customers hurrying for last-minute items, their moods wavering from good to impatient. Yesterday, my working hours, shorter than usual felt long as ever. Still, I’m happy doing the job.

I wonder how it’ll be when the pre-Christmas mad rushing ends. When we cashiers stand around with little to do but wait for another customer’s appearance before one of us. That change soon will occur, following next week’s rushing-returns and -exchanges of Christmas merchandise.

Gotta hurry now, out to feed horses. More later, about Ms Paley’s work.

Dear Friends: Already, it’s nearly, “‘Tis The Night Before”, and everybody’s, Wow! Diana

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