Christmas Day, 2021

James Webb Telescope, launching (NASA)

Saturday, December 25, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is Waning Gibbous; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” will rise on the 17th.)

I was curious and arose early to watch NASA’s launching of the new James Webb Space Telescope. I didn’t expect the event to be exciting, but it was captivating. I couldn’t tear myself away.

This Telescope is an amazing creation with incredible potential. Its mission is to travel far and deeply into space. It’s scientific capabilities include sending previously-unreachable information to Earth and NASA. There are astonishing predictions about what more the Telescope may be able to teach humans about entire-space and -world history.

The launch originally planned for earlier this week was delayed until today. Its launch, occurring in United States time on Christmas, offered a visually beautiful, wondrous gift.

NASA has become genius at communicating rocket launches into space. In today’s watch, NASA made it easy for viewers to anticipate and track the Telescope’s early journey. I could see its planned travel-route, the booster cast-offs, and everything about the vehicle speeding upward at 1500 mph.

My readers are bright and many who watched the launch know the experience was grand. Just-in-case this morning, some missed or forgot it while gift exchanging, I’ll share a link.

So, skip a short ad, ignore several seconds of French-speaking, and enjoy an exciting gift from NASA:

Dear Friends: Merry Christmas! Wishing you “Joyous Holiday”, and significant others close. Diana

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