Post-Christmas, 2021

Saturday, December 25, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is in Third Quarter phase; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” rises on the 17th.)

It’s the day after and now I’m returning to work, to face a week of gift returns and exchanges. Following next week, I’ll be adjusting to a New Year in the retail world. Hopefully, fewer customers won’t make my job become too boring.

My horses received a welcome gift. As a foursome, we walked down the snowy road to my neighbor’s place (Bobby’s). Those three were released and spent all day grazing on winter pasture. Happy horses!

This winter, having them on that pasture has been challenging. In the lead-up to Christmas, I worked many hours and daylights were short. For safety, we need daylight while going to Bobby’s and later coming home. Soon, in January, daylights will begin to lengthen, and the horses more often may go to graze.

The dogs weren’t forgotten. Yesterday, all got fresh chew bones and cool toys. One needing more supplies received a “puppy sling” (for being carried while mom shops), a car seat (for keeping an active pup where it belongs), and for these days of frigid-temperatures, warm-wear.

Dear Friends: After long adjusting to Christmas, we begin adjusting from it. Diana

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