Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D.

E. O. Wilson at 90 (National Geographic)

Monday, December 27, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is in Waning Gibbous phase; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” rises on the 17th.)

One of my all-time favorite writers on science, culture, and psychology, Edward O. Wilson, has died. He was 91 years old.

Wilson, a lifelong biological scientist, is renowned for his studies of ant species. His works are legend. A dedicated researcher, Wilson applied his vast knowledge from insect research toward understanding other life species. His insights introduced fresh theories that he applied to human capabilities and motivations. He also focused primarily on the importance of maintaining an optimally-functioning, world-wide ecology.

The author of numerous scientific articles and books, Wilson’s learning and ideas continue being studied. Many of his former students are researching, or have researched farther, his insights and theories.

Wilson published one novel–about a boy who after learning to study ants managed to create a career focused on gaining an understanding of insects. Although based on Wilson’s early life, the book was fictional. I read it, fascinated with the boy’s interests and insights. That novel taught me about ants. Prior, it never occurred to me that ants might be human-like. Or that, humans might be ant-like.

I continued to follow Wilson’s work, recognized how well he understood living creatures. He illustrates all beings as socially inclined, and despite their diversities, share many behavioral similarities. His publications make Wilson one of my heroes.

Also wonderful, he had a long life. Throughout, he was cognizant, creative, productive, and best of all, communicated continually intelligently and often.

Dear Friends: A cool read, Wilson’s, Anthill: A Novel, published April 2010. Diana

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