Tuesday, December 28, 2021

(December’s fullest “Cold Moon” is in Waning Gibbous phase; January’s fullest “Wolf Moon” rises on the 17th.)

If it can be worked out, I’ll adopt two mature hen turkeys and the three chickens living with them. Their current owners are about to sell their house and move. They’ve enjoyed the little flock, want it re-homed to a caring environment.

My friend, Bill, has facilitated this after reading an earlier blog in which I spoke of wanting to add a hen turkey to my chicken flock. From my fantasy, to Bill’s ear.

The couple selling and moving are Bill’s friends, they supply him with fresh eggs. I’ll become his new supplier. Actually, when my first flock were young, eggs aplenty went to Bill. He’s a pay-back kind of guy who gardens, keeps a productive greenhouse, and often exchanges freshies for eggs. That’s how I came to appreciate some uncommon herbs and leafy vegetables.

A problem now will be to create an adequate shelter for the newbies. I’ve a fenced space, adjacent to my current-chicken area, that would let the flocks become mutually familiar. I’d plan eventually to open a gate, and all could integrate. Until then, the designated space needs a covered, three-sided shelter, large enough to wind-proof and keep dry the critters and a hanging feeder.

At my feed-store cash register, folks have wondered if turkey eggs are edible and how they might differ from chicken eggs. I asked Bill, who laughed and said, “Tackle a turkey egg with a sledge hammer!

Adventure ahead! I like this image.

Dear Friends: Nothing ventured, nothing gained, all’s to learn and enjoy. Diana

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