Joyous Sharing

Sunday, January 02, 2022

(January’s sky hosts a “New Moon”, the “Wolf Moon”, it’ll rise fullest on the 17th.)

This cute couple and their adorable fourteen-week-old English Bulldog appeared at my register. Their puppy-soft, wrinkly-skinned, sleepy-eyed new pet got everybody excited.

It’s a story that’s fun. An unfamiliar man at my register was buying all sorts of puppy equipment, like leashes, toys, feeding dishes, and so on. I asked why and he said, “We have a new pup.” ‘

Naturally I wondered, “What kind of pup?”

“An English Bulldog. We just picked him up from a breeder here in Bend.”

“Wow! I’d love to meet him. Would you bring him inside?”

“No, we’re on our way home [to someplace near Portland].”

“You can’t bring him in even for a minute?”

“No, he’s sleeping in the car and my wife is waiting. Ahead, we’ve a long drive.”

I finished checking him out, asked again, “Couldn’t you just quickly bring him inside?”

“No, sorry, we must be leaving.”

“Okay, I understand.” Still I pushed, “How about next time you’re in town? Maybe bring him in then?”

“It’s the first time we’ve been in Bend, we probably won’t return.”

I said, “Well, I’ll bet he’s a beautiful pup, and it’s wonderful that he has an excellent new home.”

The man lifted the bags holding puppy supplies. He smiled and nodded, “Thank you very much. Yes, he has a great home.”

The store was busy, my mind quickly turned to the next customer. After I rang up a couple of customers, a woman appeared saying, “I heard you wanted to see him!”

In her arms and half-asleep, a big puppy!

Her husband behind them nodded and smiled. I could have hugged him.

Well, just imagine we cashiers going nuts over that puppy. The couple were pleased and excited. Already, he’s a heavy package. They explained that English Bulldog males in good condition average 70 lbs. Yesterday, they met this pup’s sire, and Daddy weighs 125 lbs.! They talked of playing with naming their new fellow, “Moose”.

In that store, similar episodes occur several times daily. Folks bring in their dogs and we love playing with or just being able to admire them. But this puppy is a special breed, infrequently seen at an early age, and that beckoned my imagination.

How sweet that the couple allowed time to share, awakening their dog and carrying him into the store. How sweet that we could break from our routines, to experience and share the excitement over that pup’s being and potential.

Dear Friends: Carrying a cellphone breaks a store rule, but the photo was a must! Diana

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