Hay, hay!

Monday, January 03, 2022

(January’s sky hosts a “Waxing Crescent”, or “Wolf Moon”, to rise fullest on the 17th.)

The winds that howled through the night actually were active yesterday, and mightily blowing farther out east. A co-worker who lives way east of town and slightly off-the-grid, yesterday described awakening to, and having to fight high winds at her place.

Yesterday, this city nurtured sunshine and a relatively placid temperature. Raging winds locally seemed unreal.

My coworker has large animals to feed and water, those winds were upsetting to her. Today, I’ll share her concerns while tending my own large animals. Especially my horses, eating hay from the ground. It’s a discomforting possibility, their hay might blow away.

I’m due at my part-time job later. Have time to give the horses first hay in their stalls and then release them before leaving. This afternoon, I’ll be hoping for diminished winds while hurrying home at lunchtime. I’ll have just enough time to spread hay on the ground. Can’t stay to feed horses in stalls. So please, no high winds!

Caretakers worry lots about how best to care for domestic animals. Despite concerns, the work of feeding and cleaning gets done, and somehow animals remain healthy. Daily, we reassure ourselves that despite inclement weather and interfering commitments, we can handle everything, and well enough.

Dear Friends: Country types wouldn’t consider trading places with city types. Diana

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