Darkness Doesn’t Reign

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

(January sky’s “Waxing Crescent” is the “Wolf Moon”, rising fullest on the 17th.)

Did somebody say, “Snow!” Yep, and non-stopping lots, wet, slippery, and badly needed. Non-stop, also, from the store where I work, went waterproof jackets, boots, and pants. Went de-icers, mouse traps, and heat-lights.

Outdoor conditions became so bad that the store’s forklifts got stuck, causing traffic jams at the load-out site. After our warehouse guys corrected that situation, one waded out into the parking lot and brushed the snow off our cars.

Just before Christmas, I decided to purchase a decorative multi-colored lighting device, but spent too long thinking because quickly they sold-out. Guess what. Yesterday a customer returned one of the lights, it didn’t suit a space planned for it. Almost immediately, the light became mine.

More about Christmas lights, this neighborhood’s still are on, and unusual, especially for my neighbor, John. Always before and on-the-spot he’s disconnected them, seemingly the very moment following New Year’s Day. Annually I accustom myself to missing his lights which please visually and brighten my way. This year, they’re still glowing.

Mine, too, are on. To be honest, I’ll leave them strung and powered-on through January, at least. This season especially, I arrive home from work in darkness, feeling welcomed by strings of glowing colors, beckoning me forward.

By the way, my hummingbird feeder, under-lit in red from a small bulb, does its job well. The unit is being used, nearly is empty. Some of the store’s customers care for over-wintering hummingbirds and know ways creative and cost-effective to heat feeders.

This morning, it’s beautiful outside, with snow covering greenery under a very pale sky.

Dear Friends: Embracing winter with lights, that’s simply the “bee’s knees”. Diana

4 thoughts on “Darkness Doesn’t Reign

  1. I too find pleasure in bright and cheerful Christmas lighting and am loathe to take them down. Who says we have to take them down after New Year’s Eve?😆❤️

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  2. The Winter Solstice is a promise that takes awhile to deliver. I wouldn’t dream of packing away Christmas lights until at least the Lunar New Year. (Some years they’ve stayed up until Valentine’s Day, or even Spring Equinox.)


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